Our mission is to educate, lead, and teach all there is to know about personal safety, with the hope of impacting those in need and bringing individuals to a place where they feel comfortable and confident in releasing their challenges, remaining strong, and continuing to live their lives to the fullest.



At Face My Abuse, our Events/Workshops are designed to empower survivors of intimate partner struggles through comprehensive support, advocacy, and education. We are committed to creating a world freeing everyone from fear, violence, and adversity. By providing safe spaces, essential resources, and community-based initiatives, we strive to break the cycle of intimate partner challenges and foster environments of healing, hope, and resilience.


Today, Face My Abuse serves as both a consultant intervention team and a prevention support team, providing channels of awareness and guidance toward the necessary resources for empowerment. We empower “Thrivers” through methods of prevention, helping them transform their lives and become stronger.