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Jacqueline Rowe

Breaking the Chains of Domestic Violence:
Jacqueline Rowe, founder of Face My Abuse, knows firsthand the devastating impact of domestic violence. After enduring a 10-year relationship with her abuser, she reached a breaking point. Determined to make a difference, Jacqueline stepped out of the spotlight and into the background to address an issue that was deeply personal and critically important.
In 2008, she founded Face My Abuse, at a time when few others were targeting this pervasive issue. 
Her journey from victim to advocate began with breaking her silence in her first contributed book, *Souls of My Sisters* 2004. Jacqueline shared her harrowing experience of domestic violence—a revelation that shocked many who knew her as a strong, dominant woman from the streets, with a reputation that commanded respect.
Few could believe that someone like Jacqueline was being controlled daily behind closed doors. Determined to turn her pain into power, Jacqueline reached out to a local domestic violence shelter.
She volunteered her time, sharing her truth and providing support to other survivors. Her dedication and insight led to her becoming a board member and
an advisor, using her personal experience to enhance the shelter’s programs and outreach efforts. Jacqueline’s transition from a public figure to a behind-the-scenes advocate was driven by a deep commitment to helping women overcome the shame and stigma associated with domestic violence. Her mission with Face My Abuse is to empower survivors, offering them the support and resources they need to reclaim their lives. By sharing her story and working tirelessly in the background, Jacqueline continues to break barriers and inspire others to speak out and seek help. Despite countless accolades from politicians and community leaders, Jacqueline feels her work is far from done. She is now focusing on securing housing and partnering with developers to provide dedicated homes for domestic violence victims. Recognizing that many survivors return to their abusers due to discomfort and mistreatment in shelters, Jacqueline’s goal is to create environments where these individuals are treated with dignity and respect. Her vision includes financial freedom workshops, self-esteem-building programs, and pathways to entrepreneurship, enabling survivors to rebuild their lives, achieve financial independence, and create lasting legacies for their families. Through humility and unwavering resolve, Jacqueline Rowe has transformed her suffering into a beacon of hope for countless women. 
Her journey is a testament to the strength and resilience of survivors, and her work with Face My Abuse is a powerful force in the fight against domestic violence. Face My Abuse (FMA) is dedicated to empowering survivors and eradicating domestic violence. Since its establishment, FMA has been unwavering in its mission to help survivors rebuild their lives and create a future beyond abuse.

The organization provides a platform for survivors and their loved ones to share stories, support each other, and receive non-judgmental assistance. FMA combines personal experiences with professional guidance to inspire and educate others, proving that recovery and empowerment are achievable. Their unique blend of support and education aims to raise awareness and drive community-wide efforts to eliminate domestic violence. Operating primarily in the New York City area, FMA conducts various outreach programs, workshops, and events to raise awareness and provide essential resources. The organization’s intervention and prevention support teams tirelessly offer guidance and access to critical services, helping survivors navigate their journey toward healing and strength. Face My Abuse is committed to ensuring that no one has to face abuse alone.

FACE MY ABUSE has dedicated all its efforts to raising awareness within our communities, with the sole purpose of combating domestic violence and alleviating the suffering it causes to victims and their loved ones. As a profound organization, Face My Abuse seeks to provide women and children with a safe environment where all victims and their families can come together with other survivors, serving as a platform of refuge and support. We believe that everyone has a voice and deserves to be heard, understood, and assisted in every possible way.


No one should be judged or looked down upon based on their story. Face My Abuse is committed to healing those hurt and providing guidance toward improved living and thinking.!

Our Motto is “Turn HURT into POWER” by rebuilding the mind, body, and soul.