About Us


Our Motto is “Turn HURT into POWER” by rebuilding the mind, body, and soul.

The mission of Face My Abuse (FMA) is to give every domestic violence (DV) survivor a formula that enables them to strengthen their character to restore back their minds, bodies, and souls.  LIFE AFTER.  FMA has been committed to providing assistance via educating and supporting those in need by sharing personal life experiences as a survivor and now a “THRIVER,” to all persons who have faced the scourge of domestic violence.
FACE MY ABUSE has dedicated all of its efforts to raising awareness throughout the New York City area with the sole purpose of eliminating domestic violence.

You are not alone!

Since 2006 FACE MY ABUSE has dedicated all of its efforts to raising awareness amongst our communities with the sole purpose of defying domestic violence acts and the pain it has caused all of its victims and their loved ones. As a profound organization Face My Abuse seeks to provide women and children a safe environment where all victims and their loved ones can come together with other survivors, serving as a platform of refuge and support. We believe that everyone has a voice and should be heard, but most importantly understood and assisted in any way necessary. No one should be judged or looked down upon based on his or her story. Face My Abuse intends to heal those that were once hurt and provide guidance to an improved way of living and thinking. It is our mission to prepare, lead, and teach all there is to know about domestic violence with hopes of impacting those in need and bringing victims to a comfortable and confident zone to release all of their pains, remain strong, and continue to live their lives intended.

FACE MY ABUSE has dedicated all of its efforts to raising awareness throughout the Brooklyn area with its sole purpose of eliminating domestic violence. As the Founder, in 2012, Rowe decided to raise the bar in her community and created the first annual walk in the name of domestic violence at Wingate park in Brooklyn, NY. She founded the campaign by herself, including reaching out to community leaders for support in being keynote speakers. She provided educational gift bags, beverages, and food. The event concluded in a grand success with reaching 60- 70 attendees, giving each woman and teenage girl a forum to speak freely about their encounter with their abuser; while everyone took turns as we listened, cried, laughed, and then walked. Everyone has a story.


Jacqueline Rowe

FOUNDER, Jacqueline Rowe has been a survivor of domestic violence for over a decade and has since started her organization called Face My Abuse in 2006. Rowe thought that by doing interviews with past and present sufferers of domestic violence, it would allow the abusers to see what a horrible crime they are committing and the emotional and spiritual damage that it brings to the victim. In 2007 to get more involved and effective Rowe became a board of directors member at a local domestic violence women shelter. Today Face My Abuse serves a consultant intervention team and a prevention support team that provides channels of awareness with guidance towards the necessary resources to become stronger.

“THRIVERS” with methods of prevention.